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A few years ago, I wrote a book called The Art Of Building A Business as my main focus at that time was generating an income via home based businesses. Since that time, the Internet has provided us with several ways to making money. Because of that, I’ve titled my site “The Art of Generating An Income” because it is now possible to generate an income utilizing a variety of strategies in addition to utilizing the home-based business approach.

My main emphasis is still on Internet Marketing which having your own home-based business still falls under, but I also make mention of some other ways to generate an income as well.

The art of generating an income doesn’t just happen. It’s not a lottery approach to making money. It starts with a planned approach based on some critical factors that will determine how successful one will be at generating an income.

Such factors as:

Desire and motivation
The resource of time
The resource of money
Knowledge and experience
Willingness to learn and be trained
Goal setting
Choosing your income generator strategy

Your first step is for you to find out if you may be suitable for attempting to generate an income. In other words, are you cut out to proceed toward generating an income? I’ll even give provide you with your own potential success score based on your answers. Doesn’t it make sense for you to check yourself out before you spend needless time and money?

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